FDW-Worldwide Introduces New Violet Design Microphone Model

The Garnet Electrostatic Vacuum Tube Microphone from Violet DesignJanuary 2009 - ANAHEIM, CA - FDW-Worldwide is proud to announce a new addition to the Violet Design microphone line. The Garnet, an electrostatic vacuum tube microphone, uses a specially designed large dual-diaphragm transducer that is adjustable to nine different polar patterns. It is a solid “go to” microphone for most professional recording needs.

The Garnet can be used for a variety of hi-end professional recording situations. It excels when capturing vocals, speech and choir, but also performs well for capturing musical instruments, orchestra and most other sound sources. The Garnet also performs well for broadcast and television studios, as well as the film and video industries. Using the Garnet for project studio and home recording will produce a higher quality, professional sound level.

Violet Design started in Latvia as a vintage microphone restoration company in 1998. One year later, they built their first commercial quality microphone and since then have received numerous awards for quality and craftsmanship. With the incorporation of the Garnet to its diverse microphone line, Violet Design hopes to capture yet another niche in studio and onstage audio applications. Violet Design stands behind its commitment to quality and is dedicated to providing exceptional products for discriminating sound professionals.

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"The Violet Global Pre with VIN-67 capsule kicks butt on every voice I use it for."

- Ray Kennedy
Artist/Producer/Recording Engineer


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