Professional Electrostatic Microphones -
Handbuilt with extreme precision in Latvia.

Violet Microphones are designed and manufactured in their purpose-built factory in Riga, Latvia. This allows Violet Design to achieve the fastest transient response without the sacrifice of low-end frequencies. This manufacturing process is crucial to achieving the unique sound quality that is the trademark of a Violet Design microphone.

The Violet Design Flamingo Series

The Flamingo Series


The Violet Design Stereo Flamingo

The Stereo Flamingo


The Violet Design Flamingo Junior

The Flamingo Junior


The Violet Design Garnet

The Garnet


The Violet Design Global Pre

The Global Pre


Violet Design VIN Series Capsules

VIN Series


The Violet Design Globe Series

The Globe Series


The Violet Design Amethyst Series

The Amethyst Series


The Violet Design Black Knight

The Black Knight


The Violet Design Finger Series

Finger Series


The Violet Design Pearl Series

The Pearl Series


The Violet Design Wedge

The Wedge


Choose Violet!

"The Violet Global Pre with VIN-67 capsule kicks butt on every voice I use it for."

- Ray Kennedy
Artist/Producer/Recording Engineer


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